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Wedding flowers

Our designer will advise you on which bouquet style will complement your wedding gown and wedding theme. The bouquet size should be proportional to your body shape and complement your gown. To help you decide which flowers you might like for your Wedding day, view our Seasonal Flowers list.


There are many bouquet shapes you can choose from:

  • Wild hand picked Bouquet: a simple hand picked selections of flowers and foliage bound together with hessian, raffia or twine.
  • Posy: round in shape, in a tightly bound cluster of flowers. Posies can be formal or informal depending of the selection of flowers. Stems are tightly covered in satin or lace ribbon with embellishments like crystals, pearl buttons or bejeweled buckles.
  • Tear Drop: Tear-shaped arrangement in which flowers gracefully spill downward over the brides hand for a more formal look.
  • Arm Sheaf Bouquet: an elegant shape of flowers cradled in the brides arm on one side, using long stemmed flowers and foliage.

Flower Girls

There are a number of different fun flower ideas for flower girls to choose from:

  • Pomander: ball of flowers suspended from the wrist by decorative ribbons
  • Fairy wands decorated with beautiful flowers
  • Posy: round in shape, in a tightly bound cluster of flowers
  • Flower crowns: a selection of flowers bound together in a circular shape
  • Headband: flowers are attached to the headband
  • Basket: filled with flowers to carry or petals to scatter down the aisle

Corsage and Button Hole Flowers

Corsages and button holes come in a variety of designs:

  • Button holes: worn on the lapel of a jacket
  • Corsages: traditionally worn on dresses or ladies jackets however we can design corsages so they can be clipped onto a handbag.
  • Wrist corsage: as by name, they are worn on the wrist